QMWEdit stands for Qt Multi Window Editor. The goal of our project is to create a ,,simple to use" editor with a lot of nice features. With this editor you can create small C/C++ projects very easy. We have choosen the Qt 3.x.x library because it is one of the best  structered library with the SIGNAL/SLOT mechanism and is one of the best crossplatform library. 

Why create QMWEdit:

QMWEdit was mainly created for two reasons. The first is that I really like to program, mainly in C++. Qt was at this time one of the best and easy to used library. It does exactly what I want: it's fast, it's elegant, and let's not forget, it's cheap ;-) My second reason for making QMWEdit was that at the moment when I started the project no really good IDE existed. This was back in 1998. After that a lot of other projects were born like kdevelope, kdestudio, kylix, glide etc. Nowadays a couple of good IDS's exists. My goal is to provide a easy to use editor. Nothing complex. Something where you can program small to middle projects. Something also for to program externals, like for processors like DSP, ARM's etc. This editor should have some nice features and I will do my best to complete the whole project. With the help of Susheel I'm very optimistic to complete the whole project.

I wrote QMWEdit in the hope that people will find it useful. If you do, use it, modify it, do whatever you want with it, as long as you don't claim you wrote the thing from the ground up. If you improve it and decide to redistribute it, then please do not use the name QMWEdit. Come up with something new. If you have good ideas please don't hesitate send your ideas and I will look that I can implement it.


If you find some bugs please contact me and I will fix it as soon as possible. There is also a list of the known bugs in BUGS/buglist_x.x.x.txt or visit the bug site.


We still need help. Programmers, tester, documentation write etc. Doesn't matter what you can do we appreciate the help of everyone. All are welcome. Please don't hasitate. We still need help.



  • 12th January 2005 : Remember, you can get the latest version of qmwedit from the CVS

  • 04th June 2003 : Release of qmwedit-0.4

  • 25th May 2002 : Release of qmwedit-0.3.3

  • 13th May 2002 : New homepages are upladed

  • 12th December 2001 : Release of qmwedit-0.3.1