You need Qt 3.0 or higher and tmake. Both can be found at I recommand the latest tmake-1.8. It should also be possible to make the project with qmake. You have also to download the EditorLib-x.x.x for my project site.


How to build:

1.)  ln -s EDITORLIB-x.x.x EDITOR

2) Change to the Editor directory and run make.

      If the Makefile is missing, enter tmake -o Makefile or qmake -o Makefile and then run make.

      This will build the static library for the editor with syntax highlighting.  

3.)  Then go back and run in the qmwedit_x.x.x directory

      make. If the Makefile is also missing just run tmake -o Makefile or qmake -o Makefile

      and run make.